Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 18, 2024 (2024)







Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sat. 18 May 2024

CompiledSat. 18 May 2024 12:01 am ESTby Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author, “Twenty Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities”

Martial Law and Civil War on the Horizon:
Ground Command Declares Global Martial Law –
The Red States vs. Blue States Divide.
Martial Law is Coming: America’s Descent into a New Era of Turmoil.

Judy Note: Soon, during a Global Financial crash and fake Nuclear Standoff, Martial Law will be declared across hundreds of cities, followed by a three to ten day Blackout when the Quantum Financial System will be rolled out to all through Redemption Centers – all to be announced and coordinated on the new Starlink Satellite System that communicates through cellular phones.

Meanwhile the Global Military Alliance will continue to make Mass Arrests, hold Military Tribunals and execute those who have committed Treason against We The People.

If you were reading this Update on, or from the Operation Disclosure Official Website,be aware that the information has been redacted. For a complete un-redacted version, see a PDF copy at the end, or read un-redacted versions onThe Rumor Mill News Reading Room – Breaking StoriesorAmerican Media Group (

Global Currency Reset:

  • Fri. 17 May Texas Snake: “Word is to stay alert tonight into tomorrow. God only knows for sure.”
  • Thurs. 16 May Bruce: On Wed. 15 May one of the top people at Wells Fargo Bank said, “It looked good for a Shotgun Start in the next two days.” We may get the R&R (Restitution Allowances) beginning on the 4th Wed. of May, or by the end of May.
  • Fri. 17 May 2024 Wolverine: “Very silent today, not one ounce of intel, but what I did receive last night from a friend who has contacts in Brazil, a person who is very polished and professional person (speaks four languages fluently. He said he was waiting for his group who were waiting at the bank for long hours. I got back to him later, nighttime my time, and morning for him, and he said he had no new updates. Then hours later, he came back with an audio, and he gave me 1000 percent confirmation that those people got their blessings. Most people in Brazil are not hearing anything, they are saying no liquidity from anywhere. In my own thoughts, I think it is happening behind the scenes. As I said before, they are paying sporadically and they sign NDAs, and will not say anything. I think that is what is happening, this person is a good friend of mine, who tells the truth. They put the audio on the dragon family group, but I did not translate it, and they actually picked someone who spoke Spanish, and they translate it. That was the best way to go as I did not want the translation to come from me, that it came from another person. Tomorrow, they tell me we should be getting news. Hopefully, we will get better news. The audio really hit me yesterday, as it was a 1000% confirmation, and it will continue on to two other cities in Brazil on Monday. I did send it to someone else in Brazil who were very emotional hearing it hoped it was true. Not much that I can tell you. I have been told that Iraq (sick of Iraq ) on Sunday, they should be able to put the rate on Forex. We will see if it true or not. Do not listen to TNT. I am tired of hearing their misinformation. Another thing came through on audio, saying that the Pope is going to make an announcement about all these apparitions, and will say there is no such thing as God. I have felt that this Pope might be the “Black Pope” (not a black person) but a guy who is not a genuine Christian, maybe an antichrist himself. This was what is told on the audio. I talked to Chas yesterday, sorry about the rumble video, I thought it was special show regarding the person that was to divulge all, but he will live stream on rumble of all people getting arrested on his show. He will let me know when it happens and it will be on his newsfeed. That will be huge. All is coming down. I think by the end of this month, Byedon will be removed and hopefully the truth does come out. Notifications were to come last night, that is what I was told, again, no notifications. Very stressful for all of us. Notifications is our announcement and then I can release the opera for you. This is my personal opinion – there might not be an announcement. Now a certain person said that statement was true. BUT, it was MY Opinion (saying there might not be an announcement). I think we may get paid sporadically, and lots going on behind the scenes. I have heard of people getting paid, and I do not know those people, but I do know the person in the audio. It might be that people get paid, they sign their NDA and they stay quiet. Good for our safety in IMO. I think that is the way it is going to be, and a lot of bond holders agree that it might be the way to go, quietly. A lot silence and not much noise coming out. We will see what happens. I am sure we will get some good news. Some people say it may happen till end of May, or the fifth of June, I will not debate this, as I do not know we will see what happens . Let us see what happen later. I heard from contact in Reno that things should develop on the weekend BUT no confirmation on that, but that is what he said. So we wait and see, I am tired of this, it has been very difficult, never thought I would do this for so long. God bless you, let’s hope and pray that later we will get the news we are all waiting on. Take Care, Wolverine.”

Global Financial Crisis:




Restored Republic:

The Real News for Fri. 17 May 2024:

Illuminati Deep State Kabal Globalist Agenda:

  • Former Threat Advisor to the White House, CIA and the Pentagon Jim Rickards has explained how project “Ice Nine” (which is code for the “Great Reset” or financial reset) is being readied by BlackRock and other financial institutions to facilitate the New World Order (NOW).

Fri. 17 May 2024 White Hat Intel: Sky Events 1,2

  • Red Sky Event: Cheyenne Mountain Military Operations, USSF Space X Starlink 5G Military Global Ops
  • Blue Sky Event: Project Blue Beam Deep State Operation Counter Operation Measures = White Hat Operations
  • Exposure hidden Military Technology, hidden Deep Dark Operations
  • Now we stand at the brink of the Storm – a massive World Collapse and World War that will lead to massive revolts, revolutions and full exposure of the corrupt system that is running organized crime by the Globalist Elite who control World Banks, CIA, Mossad, UN, NATO, WHO World Wars, Human Trafficking, Drug Operations and Worldwide Pedophilia Rings.
  • It’s been a powerful eight year Storm since the moment the Military placed TRIUMP as President inside Global operations to take down the World Deep State Satanic Cabal.
  • You are watching a movie: a very important plan unfolded in real time.
  • Trump placed Musk. Their silent fallout in 2017 was all a show. Trump feuding with certain people and making them opposition is a fake scenario and planned… Just as Vivek Ramaswamy was ops, then United with Trump and now Trump united with Desantis ( i said this was going to happen long ago and their public fued was a show and Trump would absorb his followers..) …. I have given you a lot of information years before hand off the events unfolding now.
  • Near Death Civilization Event. Nuclear Standoff. Blackouts. World Cyber Attacks. Collapse and rebuild after the Great Storm Operations of 2024. Trump will go after Putin and Xi, but it is all for show. They will unite for peace in 2025. Military Tribunals will take place and NATO investigation will happen.
  • Only until then will Deep State governments, officials, banks, military, politicians and Elites be arrested for their crimes, which included creating a World War and near Nuclear Events.
  • NASA was lying about operations past and present, including a false disclosure of a Sun Solar Event. There was a Solar Storm, but it was not as strong as NASA, Mainstream Media and the White Hats were pushing.
  • The U.S. Air Force created weapons to make Nuclear Weapons obsolete and disable them. As there is Darkness, there is Light and vise versa – this is just one of the BIG reasons Trump created USSF and placed into Intelligence.
  • The Deep State has super computers in Ukraine, Poland, Germany and the EU. The recent Solar Event Red Sky disabled a large part of their Deep State Operations.
  • As the RED SKY EVENTS happened several attacks were initiated by USSF+ X+ STARLINK USING advanced weapons that cooked underground DUMBS IN SILOS HOUSING SUPERCOMPUTERS QUANTUM. At the same time hundreds of NUKES WERE DISABLED, with 5 G advanced mapping technology, plus powerful Military virus tracking all the Deep State computers the past 5 years that included STUXNET, ZEUS, VIRUS, Kranken 5 and more.
  • Trump said the one year Celebration starts in 2025. He gave the COMMS letting you know the powerful EVENTS we are going through in 2024 that WILL lead to full EXPOSURE and a MASSIVE COLLAPSE OF THE WORLD DEEP STATE.

Fri. 17 May 2024 Storm 1776 Exposure…Trump Exclusive on Telegram Fri. 17 May 2024:

  • Unveiling the Truth: Why the US Holds the Key to World Freedom! Discover the shocking secrets behind DARPA/CIA, Rockefellers/Rothschilds, and DAVOS+ operations! Brace yourself as we delve into the labyrinth of corruption and cabal power.
  • Prepare to be astounded as we uncover the CIA’s staggering overthrow of over 70 countries, installing puppet regimes and Central Banking Systems loyal to the Globalist Cabal. The European people, trapped under the oppressive thumb of the deep state, are powerless to challenge the malicious operations originating from the US.
  • Can you fathom a world plagued by totalitarianism and military dominance, enforced by the elites? Most nations lack the firepower to combat Deep State Military aggression, leaving the citizens of the United States as the last stronghold against the CABAL’s grip. With an astonishing 120% guns-to-people ratio, these armed Americans possess the ability to defy tyrannical UN, CIA, DAVOS, and Globalist plans that seek to enslave humanity, perpetuating endless wars, depopulation agendas, and mind control operations through orchestrated chaos.
  • The time has come for the corruption within the United States, the epicenter of the CABAL and Deep State US institutions, to be exposed and dismantled. Brace yourself for the monumental domino effect that will reverberate throughout the European Union, UN, NATO, and other major countries.
  • As the United States valiantly stands up to safeguard their freedom, the ripple of their unwavering courage resonates across the oceans, inspiring Europeans to defy their own corrupted cabal-deep state systems. United we stand, determined to dismantle the globalist operations that oppress societies worldwide.
  • Embrace the Revolution of 2024, where a united world rises against the deep state infrastructure. In the shadows, a guiding light of divine purpose leads military alliances to activate society, as we fight for the precious gift of freedom bestowed upon us by a higher power.
  • Prepare for a gripping tale of global emancipation where the common people emerge as heroes, with the military intervening only at their behest. History unfolds with overt operations, unveiling a carefully orchestrated plan that dismantles the globalist elite. Trust in the unseen forces at work. Q TOLD YOU.
  • Yet, we must be ready to confront the dark chapters of imminent world collapse, martial laws, and the verge of Civil War Events. Rise up and join the revolution that will reshape our countries and mark the turning point in our shared destiny. The time is now.

Fri. 17 May 2024 Storm 1776 Exposure David Wilco*ck:

  • While we have NO doubt as to who WON the 2020 election, it is helpful to understand the motives for the “twists & turns” this saga has taken. Trump and his close associates “have it all” as they watched the election night returns from the “SCIF” in the Eisenhower Bldg.
  • Mike Pompeo made his famous speech at the Press Conference on November 10, based on the military knowing the TRUE winner.
  • Trump suspended the Constitution…under GOG & COOP, using the Law of War Manual, implementing Devolution. The “chess match” strategy begins to play out from that point.
  • Lindell brings out his “P Caps” in this podcast, actually becoming the ultimate “STING” to catch ALL of the DS Cabal players, both RHINOs & the DEMON-RATS…in order to “Drain the Swamp” at all levels & for the ENTIRE GLOBAL WORLD.
  • We are familiar with the events that played out during Jan, 2021 and the 3 months that followed, including the military unanimous vote of Trump as CIC on March 11.
  • Phil’s P Caps was done back in August, 2021, but could remain valid as though it could be happening right now. Easter & April 1 could be the start of a LOT.
  • Like I said, b/c Trump & his close team that were in the SCIF in the Eisenhower Bldg that night HAD ALL the damning PROOF at the time of Fraud, they had to implement the IRON-CLAD plan to allow every DS player, at ALL levels to commit Treason at that time, or in the ensuing period up to now!! AND…they DID! This allows him to take out the ENTIRE GLOBAL SWAMP via GITMO…execution/Death.
  • In November, 2020, the plan was “hatched” b/c they HAD IT ALL!
  • Pompeo made his CRITICAL speech on Nov 10, and all the others that I mentioned in podcasts played their roles perfectly. The DNI head, John Ratcliff, who delayed his 45-day report on election interference, giving the bad guys the illusion that they were still in control. That’s why they all committed TREASON on Jan 6!!
  • Very clever, and INGENIOUS, not giving rise to anyone accusing Trump of using his CIC position to direct the military and intercede on his behalf. Nor using the corrupt SC.
  • ALL is done by invoking the law & the Constitution.
  • Bottom line is this…we are relying on the military to continue to round up ALL treasonous politicians, election officials, governors, AGs…down to state, regional, municipal, school boards, and medical community that violated EOs 13818, 13848, and others.
  • This strategy will also take out the Dominion voting machines, and clear the path for all future elections to be done on the Blockchain.
  • The podcast goes into how & which states may take the lead in how this FRAUD unfolds, introducing the 12th Amendment.
  • This approach provides for the LEGAL removal of all corrupt politicians, and the establishment of a new government.
  • I believe this also brings in the removal of the FED, transformation of the banking system, the QFS, & introduction of NESARA.
  • Take the time to follow his podcast that occurred on his TG channel & Rumble on March 16, this past week.
  • I TRULY believe this will help you to understand & interpret the various Narratives in this saga. Easter is around the corner, and I believe we could easily see the return of TRUMP before the questionable November, 2024 elections. I am HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.

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